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Brand: BBE
The Soul Vibe is a rotary speaker emulation pedal with that perfectly seasoned phase-like quality. The Soul Vibe delivers the ultimate in consistency and reliability, so stop searching for that perfect three-decade-old original 'cause we've got the..
What is it that makes a performance legend? Experience and design integrity make a legend. Since the early 1970’s, Electro-Harmonix has been designing analogue delays featured on some of the greatest recordings and used by legendary musicians throug..
Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer Get down! Generates deep, phat bass tones one octave below the notes you play. Two separate smoothing filters enable you to tailor your sub-octave signal to the exact bass sound you desire, separating the Oct..
£65.00 £73.00
Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai Digital Delay/Looper It's a looper, it's a multi-tap delay, it's an echo with reverse...its got all the Hazarai. The Stereo Memory Man is a real time performance tour de force. As a Looper it has u..
£195.00 £206.00
Modulation madness! All-analogue multi-effects processor featuring Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, and a Neo-modulated Wah. At the heart of The Worm is a specially designed tone-bending engine that creates groundbreaking oscillatory effects. Features: ..
Brand: Bespeco
VM22 is a latching control pedal, provided with an On/Off switch and features an LED to show when the pedal is on or off. The connection is made when pressing the pedal (connection is locked) and disconnected by pressing the pedal again. A 9V batt..
Brand: Vox
VOX VFS-2A Dual Footswitch Dual footswitch with LED Suitable for Valve Reactor Series AC30VR & AC15VR, AC Custom Series AC15C1, AC30C2(X). Hi-quality durable all-metal construction with twin LED, Separate stereo jack lead supplied f..
The Hot Hand™ Wired sensor and can be used with all Hot Hand® and Soundblox™ Products. The Hot Hand Wired sensor consists of a motion sensor ring unit and an extension lead * Compatible with all Hot Hand® and Soundblox™ products. * Comes ..
Brand: Mooer
Mooer Blade Heavy Metal Distortion pedal 3 Working Modes: Lo Boost/Boost Off/Hi Boost Lo Boost: Boost a narrow band of high frequencies a little bit. Boost Off: No boost is engaged. Hi Boost: A higher amount of boost is enga..
Brand: Mooer
Classic blues overdrive sound characteristic Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H) Weight : 160g Power Requirement: AC adapter 9 V DC (not included) These pedals are designed ..
Brand: Mooer
Mooer Cruncher Distortion pedal A high gain distortion sound with powerful mid frequency True bypass Rugged diecast metal case Very small and exquisite. Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H) Weight: 160g These pedals are designed to go o..
Brand: Mooer
Smallest guitar graphic equalizer pedal in the world Frequency Centers: 100Hz, 250Hz, 630Hz, 1.6kHz, 4kHz 5-Band Graphic EQ with master level control ±18dB adjustable gain range per band Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass ..
Brand: Mooer
Wide range sampling rate/depth reducing effects 3 modes for using guitar, bass, synth or sound player Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H) Weight : 160g Power Requirement: AC ..
Brand: Mooer
3 Delay Modes: Analog/Real Echo/Tape Echo     Analog: Simulates a warm and smooth echo sound created by classic analog delay equipment.     Real Echo: Simulates a natural echo sound in real environment.     Tape Echo: Simulates the sweet and spa..
Brand: MXR
In the middle ranges of the Output and Distortion controls, you'll find soft-clipped distortion tones that sound truly retro-authentic, especially when they're mixed with a splash of reverb. Pushing Distortion up higher produces classic fuzz tones...
Brand: MXR
The MXR Dyna Comp Compressor is one of the most popular compressors of all time. Whether you want to tighten up your signal, add rich sustain, or create the percussive and clicky sound heard on numerous hit records..
Brand: MXR
This device adds a preset amount of gain, using a single control. With a guitar, this lets you boost your signal for lead work, or it can supply a permanent boost in a long effects chain where signal drop off is a problem...
Brand: MXR
This device has found its way into many of Eddie Van Halen's recordings, adding a shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming. Not just for guitars, it works well with bass, keyboards and even vocals...
Brand: Leem
Passive Direct Injection box (DI Box) 2 jack inputs (1 with earth lift) 1 jack output (directly linked to inputs) 1 XLR balanced low impedance output Input impedance 47K ohms Output Impedance 600 ohms Frequency response 30Hz - 30KHz..
Brand: Peavey
This dual 31-band, 2/3 octave graphic EQ allows selection between 6 dB or 12 dB cut or boost over frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Also includes a low-cut filter switch with status LED to remove stage rumble from open mics, and a convenient..
Brand: ProCo
First off, the SOLO is not a RAT Pedal, but rather the first of a new generation of effects pedals from ProCo Sound. While RAT pedals have been a staple of the guitar industry for decades, Charlie Wicks and his crew set out to create something new a..
All Soundblox™ effects pedals are compatible with the Hot Hand® Motion Controller — available separately in wireless or wired configurations — or an extensive range of on-board controls. Soundblox pedals provide a wide variety of original sounding ..

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Just to let you know i got my parcel okay & thanks for the speedy reply in the 1st instance ... i will defo buy from your company in the future.

John, Scotland 

Many thanks for all you have done to help with this.
I will keep your shop as a bookmark.

Rob, Scotland

ref schaller pick up Many thank for very quick service i am well pleased regards 

Ivan, Norfolk

the guitar arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. More than this I have to thank you for the super fast two day shipment - great job!

Rolf, Germany